Why do dog bites car tires and burst it, deflated it in case of aggression. I came to know it very first time in my life and It was first ever an amazing incident I saw dog bites car tires of my car, happened with me last week.

Car tire bite by dog

It was a hot summer afternoon with a temperature around 38 degree Celsius, the scorching heat of sun and high summer temperature already reduced the people staying outdoors. 

Myself and my team were in CSR Corporate Social Responsibility assignment in a nearby village for distributing some food stuff near to the industrial area. 

We parked our car under the tree shade. 

After completing our CSR assignment, we came back to the parked car to return from site. 

Tire Damaged due to Dog Bite

As soon as we reversed the car, we heard the dog barking. We suddenly applied brakes and moved a little forward to our original position. We quickly got out of the car and saw the dog who ran away from the site. We also saw the rear tire deflated and when we checked the tire, we observed the tire already damaged due to dog bites car tires. 

Tire damaged due to Dog Bite

We chased the dog to see if it got hurt by pressing its legs under the tires, we saw it running with normal walking. 

Then we came back to the car and performed tire change with the spare tire. We found that the spare tire was not properly inflated and had low pressure. At the village it was far to find any tire shop. We drive at low pressure to reach the tire shop to inflate the tires to standard pressure.

Next morning we visited the site again to see if the dog needs any medical attention, we found that dog playing and running normally.

Can a car tire be repaired if it is bitten by a dog?

If you notice a dog biting your car tire, it’s important to stay safe and avoid confrontation. Do not attempt to approach the dog or its owner if you feel threatened. Instead, try to move your car away from the dog and contact animal control or law enforcement for assistance. Additionally, you may want to inspect your tire for any damage caused by the dog’s bite, as this could affect the safety of your vehicle.

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Reasons why did the dog bite the car tire?

Dogs may bite car tires for a variety of reasons, including curiosity, playfulness, or aggression. 

Here are some common ways that a dog may bite a car tire:


 Dogs are known to chase after moving objects, and a car driving down the road can be a tempting target. As the dog chases the car, it may try to bite the tires in an attempt to “catch” it.


Some dogs may exhibit aggressive behavior towards cars, especially if they have had negative experiences with them in the past. A dog that is feeling threatened or territorial may bite a car tires as a way of protecting its territory.


 Dogs may also bite car tires as a form of play. This is especially common in puppies and young dogs, who are still learning appropriate behaviors.


 In some cases, a dog bites car tires due to anxiety or stress. For example, a dog that is left alone in a parking lot may become anxious and resort to biting the car tire as a way of coping.


Since in our case the dog gripped the car tire under its jaws to stop the car and bitten the car tire to save itself from being hurt. 

Whenever you parked the car in remote village areas in hot summers specially, then before moving the car you may first check the area around and see under the car to see any animal being sleeping.

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